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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some answers to questions we are often asked at NO BORDERS. If you would like further explanation of any of the points mentioned, please contact us freely.
Trial Lessons
and Information Sessions
Lessons and our Curriculum
School Life
Our Classrooms
Trial Lessons and Information Sessions
Q.Can I take a trial lesson?
A.You can take a trial lesson for any of our courses. Please choose your preferred school and day on our reservation form or contact us by phone.
Free Trial Lesson Reservation
Q.Can I take a trial lesson with my friend?
A.Yes, that is allowed. However, depending on the circumstances of the particular class, we may recommend that you join one-by-one. Please contact us to discuss specifics.
Q.Do you hold joint information sessions?
A.Depending on the time of year, we hold kindergarten entrance information sessions. We also hold individual sessions from time to time.
Q.Is there an entrance exam?
A.There is no entrance exam, but depending on the course, we may need to check a new student's English level to make sure that they are in a suitable class. Also, we would like to explain our education services and policies before you enroll, so please contact us at any time.
Q.Are there application deadlines for any of your courses?
A.Depending on openings in the classes, we allow ongoing enrollment. When you can enroll in the kindergarten course may change depending on the events schedule.
Q.If my preferred course is full, can I wait for someone to drop out?
A.For popular courses, there is a chance that they will be full. You may wait for someone to drop out, but we recommend contacting us as soon as possible.
Q.As a parent, do I need to be able to speak English?
A.It is not a problem if your child's caregivers cannot speak English. Please don't worry; our Japanese teachers will help you communicate with our international teachers.
Q.My child cannot speak Japanese yet. Will he or she be able to follow the lessons?
A.Our company's curriculum focuses on learning natural English through the pupil's time at school, so your child won't have a problem. We also teach Japanese manners and discipline. In consideration of the fact that our kindergarten students may continue on to Japanese elementary school, we hold Japanese language and culture classes twice a week.
Q.Will learning English affect my child's acquisition of Japanese?
A.If Japanese is your child's mother tongue outside of school and home, his or her Japanese development will not be affected.
Q.Is there a sibling discount?
A.If you enroll brothers or sisters into NO BORDERS, there are some special benefits, including discounted enrollment fees.
Q.Is it possible to change courses or schools partway through a course?
A.If you tell us by the 10th of the month, it is possible for pupils to change courses or schools starting from the next month. It's possible that your preferred school or course will be full, so please consult with your current school first.
Lessons and our Curriculum
Q.I don't know which course is suitable for my child
A.Depending on your child's age and purpose and goals related to language learning, our staff will help you choose a course that suits your child. Please contact us freely.
Q.Is there a class for children returning from overseas?
A.For elementary school students, we have a class for children returning from overseas and children who graduated from English language kindergartens. We offer advanced courses in our After School Program and optional lessons aimed at elementary school students.
Q.How many students are there per class?
A.Preschool classes range from around 5 in a small class to around 25 in a large class. Kindergarten classes range from around 8 in a small class to around 20 in a large class. The class sizes depend on the particular school’s situation, so please contact us and ask.
Q.Are there make-up lessons?
A.The After School Program and Saturday school course offer one make-up lesson per month. There are some rules for attending make-up lessons, which we will explain. Make-up lessons are not available for option lessons.
Q.Do you offer preparation classes for the English proficiency exams?
A.NO BORDERS is a venue for both the EIKEN Jr and the Junior English Test exams. Prior to the exams, we offer preparatory courses.
Q.Is there homework?
A.Every course other than preschool has homework. It helps students internalize what they learned at school, and is a chance for students’ family to learn together.
School Life
Q.I would like to drop off and pick up my children by car. Is there parking?
A.All of our schools have parking available. Spaces are limited, so we offer a support service in front of every school. Each school will tell you their own rules relating to dropping off and picking up
Q.Can someone other than the parents pick my children up?
A.If you wish for someone other than your child’s caregivers to pick them up, you will need to fill in an application form prior to the day. Once registered, we will provide the designated person with a permit to enter the school.
Q.Is there a summer school or classes during other long school breaks?
A.We hold seasonal courses during the summer, winter, and spring breaks. Around August, during the summer break, we run a summer school for the kindergarten course.
Q.Are there events parents can participate in, or other ways for parents to get involved at school?
A.We hold events throughout the year that parents are welcome to attend, such as: the NO BORDERS Customer Appreciation Family Picnic, at a preschool level we have: class observation, birthday parties, and Christmas and Halloween parties that parents and children can enjoy together. For kindergarten classes events include: sports day, plays, a Christmas concert, birthday parties, thanksgiving, class observation, and other events over the year.
Q.Is there a school bus?
A.At the present time there is no school bus service. We ask kindly that parents or caregivers pick their children up.
Q.Is there school lunch or snacks?
A.There is a catered lunch for preschool, kindergarten, and Saturday school students. Families may also provide a packed lunch if they wish. Children should bring their own snacks.
Q.Can NO BORDERS support children with allergies?
A.Children with allergies are welcome to attend, but some of our lessons involve cooking or plants, and sometimes children all eat lunch together as a group as one part of their school life. The safety of children is paramount to us, so please warn us if your child has any specific allergies. For more information, please consult with a staff member.
Q.Is there Japanese study during the kindergarten course?
A.The kindergarten course has a Japanese language and culture class twice a week. Please follow it up with learning at home.
Our Classrooms
Q.Is NO BORDERS a licensed school?
A.NO BORDERS is a private company and does not receive government funding.However,we are registered as an approved childcare facility in each prefecture we operate.
Q.What security procedures does NO BORDERS have? Do you hold evacuation drills?
A.All of our schools are locked down outside of drop off and pick up hours, and the identity of all visitors is confirmed at the reception. We only allowed authorized people to enter the building during drop off and pick up times. Our full time courses at all school include disaster evacuation drills.
Q.Do you support overseas study or enrollment at international schools?
A.We operate a summer overseas study program in Hawaii for parents and children. We also offer introductions to our partners who can help with overseas study. We are also partnered with Nagoya International School and can support our kindergarten course pupils who wish to enroll there after graduation.
Q.What options do my children have after graduating?
A.Most of our students who graduate from the kindergarten course continue on to Japanese elementary schools, whether public, private, or schools affiliated with national universities.
Q.Can you look after my children outside of lesson times?
A.We have a service called “Kids Club ” that offers childcare outside of regular class hours. Students can attend our special extended childcare school from 8:30 to 18:30. The school building has limited space, so please inquire.