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Trial Lesson Reservation

At NO BORDERS, we offer free trial lessons based on appointment. Education is very serious, emotional and important decision. We feel in order to make a right decision it is necessary to visit our school, meet our staff and see how we operate. We invite to take a trial lesson.
In addition, we think it's an important opportunity to listen to your thoughts and let you know about our school and our educational policy, and helping to choose a course and pace that best fits your child's personality. Whether it's just you and your child, or with friends or family, we are happy to have you visit.

Free Trial Lesson Schedule

  Week Time Remarks
Preschool Monday to Friday a.m.  
After School Program (Kinder) 15:30~16:00 Only on days your preferred class is held
After School Program (Elementary) 17:00~17:30
After School Program (Advanced) Classes start for 30 minutes (start time varies depending on the school building).
Saturday a.m.  

 Only on days your preferred class is held

If you are interested in a free trial lesson, please apply using the form below.
If you have any questions, please get in touch using the contact form or by phone (0120-824-815)

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