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Nurturing the skills to thrive in global society
We operate 6 international schools within Aichi Prefecture. Through our all-English learning environment, we help students from preschool thru elementary cultivate the skills that will help them thrive in global society.
NO BORDERS is a full time Preschool and Kindergarten. NO BORDERS also offers additional After School Programs and weekend English courses for students who want additional lessons.
Interactive and fun for our youngest learners
Social and Emotional development in Kindergarten
Birthday Event
Various international events year-round!
Welcome to No Borders!
Since being established in 1989, NO BORDERS has become a leader in the field of English language schools and education
Now, NO BORDERS teaches English and English conversation, as well as adult and corporate-oriented classes. We now have 6 International Schools and contract with over 20 kindergartens and nurseries in the three prefectures of the Tokai region.
International School
We recommend Nagoya International School as a route for students graduating from the NO BORDERS kindergarten, and also for those who wish to continue to a non-Japanese elementary school. Since opening in 1964, Nagoya International School has provided education for international families in the Nagoya area. With around 500 pupils, it is one of the few schools in Aichi Prefecture to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.
学校長 マシュー・パール
Head of School Matthew Parr
Welcome to all NBIS Families!
From all of us here at Nagoya International School I would like to welcome the NBIS community as friends of NIS. I feel there is a great deal that connects our schools in terms of the values of internationalism and the focus on school community. Both our schools value the building of relationships in support of happy, safe young learners who are uncovering the wonders of the world and finding their identity within it.
We are excited to start a partnership with NBIS with the aim of collaborating in support of families looking for strong international education pathways for their children. Since our founding in 1964, NIS has always served as a community-based international school, looking to support the needs of international and internationally-minded families in Nagoya. With a current student enrolment of nearly 500 representing 35+ different nationalities NIS is staffed by a highly qualified teacher workforce who deliver the internationally-accredited IB curriculum. NIS students graduate to universities around the world - including here in Japan - and go on to have impact on their communities here in Japan, or around the globe. Accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, NIS is here to serve the community of Nagoya!
We would love to get to know NBIS families and help you learn more about international education here in Nagoya. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the NBIS office who will be happy to connect you with our team here at NIS!
Or, you could just start following up on twitter (@nagoyais.net or @NIS_Head) to see what learning looks like at NIS!
Looking forward to meeting you and cementing the partnership between the two communities of NBIS and NIS!
Nagoya International School
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David Paul
Distinguished among English educators, he is an expert in the world of English-language education, with over 30 years of experience. He formed his experiences with children's language development into his child-centered philosophy, “Child Centered Learning”. Currently, his focus is on coaching and cultivating the skills of English educators.
He began teaching English in Hiroshima in 1980, and founded “David English House” in 1982. Going on to open schools in Seoul and Bangkok, his schools developed an excellent reputation around Asia. Currently, he devotes his time to lecturing and training teachers, with the aim of creating enjoyable environments where children can learn.
He has also written several textbooks and English instruction books. NO BORDERS’ concept, “LIFE ENGLISH” resonated with him, from 2018 David Paul became a partner of NO BORDERS. and has supervised NO BORDERS’ curriculum and assisted the professional development of NO BORDERS’ staff.
David Paul デイビット・ポール
NB Kids
NO BORDERS method and teachers can be found throughout the community.
Our international teachers deliver the NO BORDERS method at our partner kindergartens and nurseries during the school day, and as an extra-curricular activity after school. We make the best use of the know-how gained from operating an international school, and help children get comfortable with English while having fun. The children gain a familiarity with English, which provides a base that will help them when they start formally studying English at elementary school. We also operate English classes at the Toyota Regional Cultural Square School and at the Ichinomiya Moegi School. If you’re looking for a school that is fun to learn at, please try a trial lesson.
NO BORDERS teaches at:
●Ichie Nursery (Aisai)
●Obata Asahi Kindergarten (Moriyama-ku, Nagoya)
●Kowa Kindergarten (Kita-ku, Nagoya)
●Kofuku Daisan Kindergarten (Nishi-ku, Nagoya)
●Jikei Kindergarten (Anjo)
●Nemunoki Kindergarten (Kakamigahara)
●Habataki Kindergarten (Kanie)
●Yatomi Kindergaten (Yatomi)
...and more
Power English
Experience real English, and pick up everyday English conversation.
Power English, located in a popular gathering place for foreigners, we provide Adults’ English lessons. Feel like an overseas exchange student while learning English in an international environment. Learn English the Power English way: pick up conversational skills while getting a taste of real English and culture.

In addition, there are fun international events and parties where you can make friends while honing your English skills. You can master “spoken English”, not just “written English”.
We’ll teach your employees English in a way that fits their individual needs.
At No Borders, we also offer a corporate lesson program. Lately, an increasing number of (Japanese) companies have been doing business with overseas companies or using English as the official language within their company; it’s become essential to reinforce each individual employee’s English skills. From our practical know-how gained from teaching children, we can tailor a plan to any level of English skill, all the way from novices, to those who can already speak English but wish to take their skills to the next level and master Business English.

In addition, we have preparatory lessons for TOEIC, and can help you prepare for other English certifications. NO BORDERS always tailors the contents and place of our lessons to best fit your language learning needs. For more information, please get in touch via our contact form.
NO BORDERS teaches at:
●TOYOTA Connected Corporation
●Aero Inc
...and many more places
Company Name:
August 3, 1994
Head Office Location:
Nagoya-shi, Higashi-ku, Aoi 3-17-21
Daiichi Sky Building 4F
Takahiro Sato
Associated Banks:
Bank of NAGOYA, Imaike Branch
MUFG Bank, Sakaemachi Branch
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