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English Academy

  • Advance
    Elementary Students (Aimed at Kinder Course Graduates and Children Returning From Overseas)
    Once or twice per week (120 min)
I already have a high level of English
I don’t want to let the English skills I worked hard to gain go to waste
I want to take my English to a higher level
I want to gain more knowledge in English
These lessons are aimed at elementary-aged students who have graduated from our Kinder course or returned to Japan after living overseas and already have a high level of English.
Cultivate an English mindset through activities in English such as research and discussions according to a set theme for up to 3.5 hours per week. Help your child maintain and improve their English skills even while they attend a Japanese elementary school.
Aimed at:
Elementary School Students* NO BORDERS Kinder school graduates, children returning from overseas, or other children who already have a high level of English
Mon to Fri (once or twice per week)
16:00~18:00* Courses and times offered vary by school. Please inquire at your preferred school.
International Teachers
Advance 1class
Grades 1 to 2
Reading Comprehension: Children will build skills by reading texts from a variety of sources
Comprehension: Children will learn to infer meaning from illustrations, titles, and captions.
Writing: Children will practice writing short sentences using new vocabulary.
Vocabulary: Children will learn more than 300 words.
Advance 2class
Grades 3 to 4
Reading Comprehension: Children will develop an understanding of both the main theme of texts as well as smaller details.
Comprehension: Children will learn to understand a series of stories, as well as textual structure.
Writing: Children will practice writing new vocabulary and sentences, and challenge themselves to write longer sentences using conjunctions.
Advance 3class
Grades 5 to 6
Reading Comprehension: Children will learn how to summarize the contents of a variety of texts.
Writing: Children will learn the construction of sentences, and how to build their own.
Writing: Children will develop skills in using adjectives and adverbs to express a variety of situations.
Lessons only an international school can offer
It is natural for children to pick up language skills from their environment. The all-English classroom setting might as well be overseas. Communicating through activities, children can get a natural feel for English. At the same time, we teach reading and writing as valuable steps in the language learning process.
Child-Centered educational philosophy supervised by David Paul
In order to gain “listening” and “speaking” skills in English, it is important that the student doesn’t “learn” and “remember”, but rather “think” and “express”. At NO BORDERS, we use the “Child Centered Learning” method, where children become the leaders of their own lessons, and by “thinking” and “expressing” in English, are able to experience the reality of using English first-hand, and gain valuable practical English communication skills as well as critical thinking skills.
International Instructors from around the world!
Our teachers are experienced English instructors from overseas. We deliver our education in an all-English environment that will make your children feel like they are on an international exchange trip. There are also Japanese educators ready to help children. Our international and Japanese staff are fully prepared to make the best possible environment for your children.
High performance in English proficiency tests
NO BORDERS is a venue for EIKEN, EIKEN Jr, and the Junior English Test exams.
Compared to exams at their usual school, we offer support so children can relax and perform to the best of their ability.In the 2018 academic year, our students achieved at a high level, with a 100% pass rate of EIKEN Grade 5 and a 96% pass rate of EIKEN Grade 4.
Students who challenge themselves with English proficiency tests gain a sense of fulfillment, and increased confidence.
Advance Afrerschool Example Schedule Advance Afrerschool Example Schedule
Choose the course that is best for you! Get results in a short time with these lessons
These lessons are 55 minutes, once per week.
They are aimed at those who want to develop their child’s English skill even more during this critical phase of development. We offer two types of lessons that are designed to attended in addition to our regular courses: Reading Comprehension Reinforcement and Conversation and Grammar Reinforcement.
Reading Comprehension Reinforcement
Weekdays (55 min)
Conversation / Grammar Reinforcement
Weekdays (55 min)
* Course times offered differ by school. Please inquire.
Tuition Fees (Per month)
  Elementary Advanced Options
Entrance fee ¥25,300 -
1× per week ¥16,060 ¥7,150
2× per week ¥30,470 -
【Extended Childcare】Kids Club
Lesson hours 14:30〜18:00
Per class per day ¥2,000
* Courses and options offered may differ by school.
* A material-related expense fee equal to one month of tuition will be charged every six months.(textbooks are included)
* All prices are inclusive of consumption tax (10%). Prices are subject to change.
* Depending on class sizes, courses offered may change, even during the academic year.
* Optional lessons are only available to students enrolled in our English Academy Advanced course.
* We may have special offers available to students with siblings attending NO BORDERS or students who take more than one course. Please inquire at your school.