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English Academy

  • Saturday
    Aimed at Kindergarten and Elementary School Students
    One-day Intensive Lesson
We’re busy on weekdays. I want my children to focus on study during the weekend.
I’m looking for lessons for my child to take on Saturdays.
Longer lessons to accomplish maximum results
Lessons designed to develop academic as well as social and emotional skills
Spend Saturday Immersed in English and fun!
Focus on learning for one day during the weekend.
This whole day intensive course, held weekly on Saturday, is aimed at students who are currently going to daycare, kindergarten, or elementary school on weekdays.
Even though it’s only once a week, the five hour length means children can get absorbed in learning and interacting with English.
Spending a whole day immersed in an English environment, children will learn English (of course!), as well as manners and rules of how to behave in a group, and social awareness.
Aimed at:
Elementary School Students
Saturday (1× per week)
9:30~15:00* Hours offered and grades supported may differ by school
International Teachers
These are our recommended courses:

We recommend this full-time course for those who want their children to develop English skills and a well balanced curriuclum

English Academy (Elementary)

Lessons from once per week

Example Schedule (Elementary School Student) Example Schedule (Kindergarten) Example Schedule (Elementary School Student) Example Schedule (Kindergarten)
Kids Club Stamp Card
(Extended Childcare in 30 minute units)
You can buy a stamp card that has 20 stamps valid for 30 min each.
Tuition Fees (Per month)
Entrance fee ¥25,300
1 Day/week ¥24,200 ¥33,550
School Lunch ¥1,440/Per month
* Courses and options offered may differ by school.
* A material-related expense fee equal to one month of tuition will be charged every six months.(textbooks are included)
* Anjo offers Saturday advanced class.
* Optional Saturday course lunch available.
* All prices are inclusive of consumption tax (10%). Prices are subject to change.
* Depending on class sizes, courses offered may change, even during the academic year.
* We may have special offers available to students with siblings attending NO BORDERS or students who take more than one course. Please inquire at your school.